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Oct 2, 2015




701 Queen St. W (Get Directions)
Owners Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven have watched the waxing bar trend grow in Europe, and finally decided to open their own business here in Toronto. “When we saw a couple of bars opening in Vancouver,” Frampton tells me, “well, that really lit a fire under our asses.”
The pair met shortly after Gaven moved to Toronto from France. She asked Frampton for a recommendation on where to get a wax, surprised by the prices in the city and lack of wax-only operations. The few places she did try just didn’t meet her standards. “You just can’t justify the amount of money you’re spending,” Gaven says. “We realized Toronto was missing out on a concept.”
So Gaven and Frampton began looking at market trends, eventually with the intention of opening Toronto’s first wax bar. The women are not estheticians, but simply, “clients of the industry for years,” which is arguably more important. “We don’t do that awkward doggie style position,” Frampton says, something that frequent recipients of the Brazilian wax might understand. “And we really try to be efficient; in and out, for the woman on the go

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