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Oct 2, 2015




749 Queen Street West (Get Directions)
About the owner
Hailing from the plains of Winnipeg, Kristen Gale spent her early 20’s exchanging her mid-west lifestyle for urban savvy. Taking style refuge in the continent’s most progressive cities, Kristen cultivated her penchant for haute design -becoming a favored force with the fashionistas.

With a Philosophy degree from University of Western and a post-graduate diploma in Graphic Design, Kristen is a hybrid of mental prowess and artistic panache.  She took her talents to New York City in 2002 where she managed event planning and design consulting for the hip Magazine VICE.  After a year of high life in the Big Apple, Kristen returned to her home country landing in the heart of Canada’s fashion capital: Montreal. For two years she continued to explore her creativity with VICE magazine amidst the glam hubbub of St. Laurent Blvd.  Finally the dream-driven Kristen -itching for a new challenge- was drawn by the allure of Toronto.  Wide-eyed, Kristen arrived here in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the city.

A perennial social butterfly, Kristen took Toronto by storm and spread her wings across the city’s social scene. Finding her friends and self in constant need of beautification for their lavish lifestyle, they sampled the city’s most elite spas. However, she found herself regularly unimpressed…

After being exposed to the modernity of New York and Montreal, Kristen noted that most Toronto nail bars were either dingy or overbearing. There was nothing for the young, fresh style set. The earthy Queen West crowd did not fit in with the Yorkville chi-chi’s, nor did many have the funding. Inspiration hit hard, and she knew that she’d found her new challenge.

The Ten Spot was created with an intention to combine the quality and cleanliness of high-end spas with an affordable price tag. Beyond the cheap and chic mantra, the 10 Spot encourages spunky music and great conversation in their anti-spa atmosphere. You will never hear a Solitudes CD in this airy space. Kristen encourages all guests to slip into relaxation, sip a free cocktail, meet someone new, watch a movie and emerge looking shiny and fabulous!

The 10 Spot is the spa embodiment of Kristen herself…Bright, sassy, and always polished!

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