Jan 25, 2020




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Deciding on the perfect baby name is arguably one of the most exciting—and important—to-do’s new parents face in the nine months leading up to birth.

So to help you figure out what the most popular baby girl names are for 2020, we compiled lists of trending girl baby names from three of the top baby naming authorities out there: Nameberry, SSA and BabyCenter.

According to decade’s worth of their combined data, here are 150 baby girl names that are predicted to be the most popular choices for girls born in 2020.

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Nature-Inspired Baby Girl Names are Sure Winners for 2020
Some say the current nature-inspired baby naming trend all began with Blue Ivy back in 2012—and that may be partially true. But in 2020, this trend will be moving full steam ahead! From astrologically-inspired names, like Astra and Nova, to plant-themed names, like Sage and Lily, here are 10 all-natural baby name ideas for girls to consider for 2020:   By: MARYN LILES

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