May 1, 2019






Why do we call it a ‘dog cafe?’
Why do we call it “dog cafe” instead of a pet store? As most pet owners know, it is a pain to not be able to take your ‘Fido’ everywhere in the city! Most of us live a very busy life, juggling work, house work and social life. We often run into situations where we want to bring our dog or adventurous cat to hang out with friends, but get turned away by the “no pets allowed” policy in most indoor places. If you want to catch up with some friends in cold weather or the patio is not an option, forget about bringing your dog or ad- venturous cat along! For dog owners who already work full-time, it’s always heart-breaking to have to leave your dogs at home…

That’s why we wanted to provide a pet-friendly cafe environment where you can do all the things you want with your pet –meeting friends, working on your laptop, studying, reading or just simply getting out of the house for a change! As part of the raw pet food store, there is seating area with free wi-fi and a library, so that you can chill out and potentially meet new people and pets! We’ve also sourced the best in locally-made Vancouver pet supplies and products from artisans in Yaletown, East Vancouver and other parts of Vancouver!

Drop by our downtown Vancouver pet store in Yaletown (close to Gastown) and see the local gems we have found from and around Vancouver for you and your pets!

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