Jan 14, 2021




Edmonton (Alberta)


Inspiring you to discover the world of olive oil through better taste and health is our passion.

Evoolution stands for the evolution of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is among the most widely studied foods shown to be beneficial to our health. It’s linked to longevity, disease prevention, and well-being, and it also happens to be wonderfully tasteful. But there’s a divide between what you’ll find down the cooking oil aisle of supermarkets, and what is truly healthful and tasteful extra virgin olive oil. That divide usually comes down to freshness – olive oil is much the same as any other fruit juice, and it’s best when it’s fresh. Fresh olive oil means olives picked and crushed within hours, stored and handled with care, and resupplied every six months by taking advantage of the harvest in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Your own sensory experience is the best judge of freshness, and that’s the reason we invite you to try before you buy at our tasting bars.

Evoolution values putting quality first, innovating to bring you the best olive oil experience, and engaging with you to educate and inspire new ideas for great food.

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