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Sep 26, 2015




924 College, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1A4

Emmet Ray is somewhat of a mythical character. Some claim he did not exist, some know he did. Jazz aficionados may be aware of this little known gypsy jazz guitarist of the 1930s and 40s. And Woody Allen’s 1999 film “Sweet and Lowdown,” aimed to shed some light on his life and times. Like many jazz legends, Emmet Ray was an anti-hero, a hard drinker and a bit of an ass – but his stellar guitar playing made up for his long list of character flaws. And so in trying to come up with a name for a whisky bar, the moniker of a myth, musician and man who lived in perpetual sin seemed more than fitting.
In December of 2009 The Emmet Ray opened at 924 College Street, hosting an array of live musical acts, a growing whisky list – over 230 bottles and counting, from all corners of the globe – and a food program that elevates an environment already balanced with music and spirit. Like its namesake, this bar is about character not polish. Warm and unassuming, The Emmet Ray offers quality products alongside living room service.
Whether you’re lounging in our front-window living room, enjoying some entertainment in the back or at the bar with friends, our regulars and staff, you’ll always find a spot waiting for you at The Emmet Ray.

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