Jul 30, 2018




At one corner of Place Royale in Vieux-Montral is the Pointe–Callire, now marked by a striking modern building housing a museum of archaeology and history. Place Royale was the center of life in Montral’s early and colonial days, where the market and parade ground were located until later government buildings displaced them. But underneath today’s Montral, remnants of these early streets and foundations still remain, and you can explore these on a visit to the museum. The route through the city’s history begins underground, where you can walk among the original stone-paved streets, drainage channels, and ground floors of 17th-century buildings. The story unfolds in layers of history told through artifacts, maps, and exhibits as you climb through the museum. Special exhibitions cover a wide range of history and archaeology worldwide.

Address: 350 Place Royale, Montral, Qubec
514 872-9150

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