Aug 26, 2015




1110 Dupont Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2A2


Affinity Luxury Car Rental has been completely satisfying it’s multitude of new, and many repeat clients since the company was established back in 1992.

Having worked in all aspects of the car rental industry since 1981, Affinity’s founder recognized that customers and coworkers alike were extremely disillusioned with the treatment they were receiving by existing auto rental company policies. Although these companies advertised how customers were their number one priority, the reality was impersonal service and dissatisfaction.

Recognizing this sad state of the industry, Affinity Car Rentals decided that the time was ripe to utilize his accumulated years of experience and insight, and open his own rental car company – a company that would actually stand by the fact that the customer & employees were it’s strongest asset; a company that would provide “SERVICE ABOVE THE REST”.

Starting with a facility in downtown Toronto located in a body shop serving mostly Insurance replacement rentals, Affinity Car Rentals soon realized that accidents do not have a schedule and customers were being left without a rental car until the next business day because most rental companies closed at 6pm. In a bold move Affinity Car Rentals and their staff realized an opportunity and was the 1st Car Rental Company to serve clients 7 days/ 24 hours a day in the Toronto area besides the Airport locations which would not provide Insurance Replacement rentals and direct billing. Then the phone number (416-724-0-724) was established to model the service provided.

Affinity accomplished what its founder set out to do, quickly establishing the company as a force to be reckoned with. It was no time before the Company carried a fleet of over 150 vehicles.

Realizing a shift in the market place in 1994 the Company noticed that clients were spending money again and were buying/leasing nicer cars like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, Jaguaretc. the Company ventured into renting high-end luxury cars and purchased a BMW, Lexus and Mercedes to test the waters and the needs of the customers. It was a success, a success the Company still enjoys today.

Today, Affinity has branded itself as “Affinity Luxury Car Rentals” and has become the Rental Company of choice for Insurance Companies, Businesses and Leisure renters because of the mission the Company started with “SERVICE ABOVE THE REST” and with staff from the very beginning as our leaders we will continue to grow as family.

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