Tourist attractions


Jul 30, 2018




Many of the attractions that make New Brunswick so appealing to tourists are directly related to the Bay of Fundy and its tides. The highest tides in the world, which can measure up to 19 meters (10 fathoms) deep, occur twice daily in this funnel-shaped bay, and over the millennia, these rushing waters have carved a coastline marked by dramatic cliffs, sea caves, and fantastic rock formations. As they rise and fall each day, the tides create natural phenomena that include Moncton’s tidal bore and Saint John’s famous Reversing Falls. Along the irregular shore, lighthouses crown the points, and picturesque fishing villages lie snug in its coves. The powerful tides also bring an enormous amount of plankton and fish into the bay, making it prime feeding waters for whales; as many as 12 species are found here in the summer.

The New Brunswick forest meets the tides in Fundy National Park, a stretch of undeveloped coastline roughly midway between Moncton and Saint John. Visitors can enjoy this wilderness year-round. Hiking trails lead along the coast and through the forests, and in the spring and autumn, birders come to see migratory species feeding on the tidal mudflats. One of the favorite things to do in the winter is ski on the park’s 40 kilometers of trails that are groomed for cross-country skiing. Three of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Brunswick are near Alma, a village within the park: Dickson Falls; Laverty Falls; and Third Vault Falls, the tallest at 16 meters. Park facilities include campgrounds, swimming, and a golf course.

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