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Jul 6, 2018




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Since Marineland opened over 50 years ago, we have hosted, educated and entertained literally millions of young people. We have heard from many marine biologists, veterinarians, conservationists and oceanographers that it was their childhood experience at Marineland that inspired them to learn more about the wonders of the ocean and its amazing aquatic life. To hear this is so gratifying. Children who come to visit learn about animals they might never knew existed and will grow up to be the champions of the wild cousins of the animals you find at places like Marineland.

Growing up in south-central Ontario we are thousands of miles from the sea and seldom get to experience marine life up close and personal. At Marineland we have a unique opportunity to experience the wonder and majesty of animals from both land and sea. Few people have the time or funds to encounter these animals in their natural habitat not to mention the potential disruption and negative impact that would result to the animals’ natural environments from having the millions of visitors that visit facilities like Marineland visit these animals in the wild.

Marine mammals at marine parks also provide the opportunity for scientific study that would be difficult or impossible to conduct in the wild — study that can assist their wild brethren. Over the years, Marineland has opened its doors to scientists, veterinarians and animal behaviourists to study our marine mammals so that their results can assist wild populations.

There are lessons to be learned at Marineland. As one former visitor, now a renowned marine educator, said in a newspaper article: “Whales are our existing dinosaurs, marvels of nature that trace a lineage back more than 50 million years. But at the rate the earth is being polluted, these gentle giants of the ocean could one day die off, signaling the end of the human race as well…they are our canaries in the coal mine.” A native of Toronto, her fascination with saving whales and dolphins started with annual visits to Marineland. She added, “My big focus is education. It’s the only way we will save the whales and the planet.” She went on to add that educational activities would be lost if there were no whales in facilities such as Marineland.

Children who spend a day at Marineland will be filled with wonder, excitement and self-discovery. They will have opportunities to touch and feed some amazing animals and interact with passionate and dedicated animal caregivers. It will be a day they will remember for a lifetime.

Sadly a small but vocal group of individuals are trying to impose their radical ideological views that no animal or mammal should ever be held in a zoo or aquarium. Unable to get widespread public support, these individuals have been forced to resort to the spreading mistruths and trying to intimidate anyone who dares disagree with their radical ideological points of view.

All of their accusations have been proven by numerous expert investigations to be false. We are dealing with some of the accusers in the courts right now.

We urge you to view some of the informative videos included on our web site.

We look forward to seeing you this season. We promise you will have a whale of a time!

Thank you,

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