Jul 27, 2019




Toronto (Ontario)


ECO Strategy (formerly Environmental Communication Options) began with a mandate to help Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) with issue-based campaigns and media relations.

The founder, Don Huff was building on his years of experience with ENGOs and as a provincial and municipal political staffer, and his unique understanding of the challenges of developing winning campaigns with tight budgets.

ECO Strategy’s current client has expanded to provide strategic counsel, campaign and communications support to also assist First Nations, law firms, trade associations, and private sector companies.

ECO Strategy is at the forefront of energy, environment and conservation program delivery, providing counsel, media relations and training.

Word-of-mouth is the most common way people find us. Happy clients often refer ECO Strategy to colleagues because of our enviable record of success in delivering focused, cost effective and successful campaigns in ethnic, First Nation, rural and northern communities.

The design and deployment of all campaigns are informed by our significant experience design, promotion and delivery of persuasive messages and tactics to drive client success. While we understand the importance of perception, we appreciate the importance of scientific literacy and evidence-based findings.

Only ECO strategy provides this type of integration.

In keeping with ECO Strategy’s commitment to excellence in communicating in urban, rural, remote and areas, in addition to its Toronto office, ECO Strategy has reciprocal office arrangements in Ottawa, Goderich, Kenora, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Sudbury and Hastings County

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