Sep 26, 2015




1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto, Ontario M4V 2L1, Canada


Scaramouche Restaurant

Scaramouche has long been celebrated by customers and critics for its unwavering commitment to making each dining experience a memorable one. Chef/owner Keith Froggett’s sophisticated cuisine is presented simply with care and attention to detail. The service underscores that philosophy: unobtrusive and respectful. The restaurant affords a stunning nighttime vista of the downtown Toronto skyline. These components and more make Scaramouche the singular destination it is. And the reason that the restaurant is consistently ranked as one of the city’s best for more than three decades.

Scaramouche Pasta Bar & Grill

A perennial midtown favourite, The Pasta Bar & Grill is the more casual sibling of Scaramouche, a relaxed setting where the neighbourhood comes to dine. Whether celebrating with friends or family, or just dropping by for an impromptu bite and a drink at the bar, our fresh, seasonal menu, a far-flung yet affordable selection of wines, celebrated desserts and breezy ambience make it a vibrant and stylish destination. Join us for dinner soon.

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