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Located in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, we are one of the city\’s oldest historic stone structures dating back to 1759.
Historically a press gang was a group employed by a commanding officer to impress, or coerce, other men into service for the navy or army. Our walls, food and philosophy are influenced by the history of seafaring in our city.

We offer a unique formal dining experience with a menu of exquisite seafood, meat, game, and poultry dishes to satisfy every palate. Our oyster bar is one of the best stocked in the city, with no less than three different farms featured daily. And we have a vast selection of fine wines, single malt whiskies, and classic and signature cocktails, to be paired or enjoyed on their own.

The Original Oyster Bar.
The beauty of an oyster comes from it’s simplicity, and sharing a plate of oysters with friends is a mutual understand that the ocean’s gifts are best in their purest form. We’ve been serving up oysters from all over the Maritimes since before it was in fashion. Sit at our bar, in front of hundreds of oysters on ice, and be transported throughout our maritime coastal landscape and terroir.

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We have a grand piano in our dining room for a reason. Every Friday and Saturday night we host local bands who play jazz, soul, blues and classics from dinner service into the evening. See social media for live music updates.

Reservations recommended for the dining room and bar.

Scotch, Wine & Cocktails
We take pride in having a well rounded bar, with an array of ways to unwind and imbibe. The wine cellar selection and by-the-glass list are carefully chosen and feature some of our favourite local wineries. Our seasonal cocktail list is a fusion of signature cocktails from our head bartenders, and classic recipes. And, we are home to one of Nova Scotia\’s most extensive scotch selections, with over 100 single malts on hand.

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