Jan 12, 2020




Montreal (Quebec)


Although we find the majority of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Plateau Mont-Royal and the Mile-End, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve has something to envy! Previously a grocery store, Antidote Bouffe Vgane now offers a decadent menu with several poutines, hots dogs, burgers that will not fit in your mouth and several other dishes of this kind. Suffice to say that the owner seems to take pleasure in breaking the stereotype of vegans who only eat salad (although salads-meals are still available!). Antidote Bouffe Vgane is also the only restaurant in Montreal to display a more committed discourse than the others. We feel like we are in a vegan restaurant and not plant-based. You can, for example, read We love animals on the walls and several signs invite visitors to adopt a vegan lifestyle. It’s rare enough (at least in Montreal) for it to have the merit of being highlighted! There are also several hanging paintings (which change regularly) and the restaurant creates events to highlight certain Montreal artists.

3459 Rue Ontario E, Montral, QC H1W 1R4

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